Pontoon Boat Fishing Experience

Møn, Denmark

On this trip, we will use my professional Anderson Pontoon Cutthroat guideboat, with an environmentally friendly, silent electric motor. It will take us along the coast at the chalk cliffs of Møn, or other interesting costal environments, depending on the weather, I will bring you to the very best fishing spots, and the rest is up to you! This is the most efficient and silent way to sneak up on the fish. We will find the fish the coastal fishers have scared out to the reefs.

It is very difficult to describe the sensation of sitting close to the water on the very stable pontoon boat, while taking your time fishing the waters around it. Inclusive of full lunch with soft drinks, and coffee. All necessary safety equipment is on board.

Why use a pontoon boat?

Fishing from the coast is very different from fishing from a pontoon boat. A fisherman on the coast will be stepping on slippery round stones all day, and by doing this he will be scaring the fish away. The noise you create while wading in the water and on the stones will immediately alert the fish to your presence, and he will be gone within a second. This is where the efficiency and silence of the pontoon boat comes in play. Your hunting and fishing will be silent, and you will have the advantage of being guided to the exact points of interest. But this is not the only advantage of fishing from a pontoon boat.

From the boat, you will have the possibility to admire the beautiful white cliffs of Møn from at totally different perspective. We might even get to see the peregrine falcon hunting in its natural habitat. You will also be spared the 500+ steps each way on the stairway to the beach, and avoid fishing side by side with competing fishermen. With a fishing trip from the pontoon boat you will get the optimum fishing during the entire day, while enjoying the magnificent nature of Møn from a unique perspective.